Wine glasses, champagne flutes and coupes, water glasses, port & sherry glasses, Soda Stream bottles, carafes, jugs, decanters and more. See further down the page for more photos and information about our collection.

vintage wine, champagne or water glasses $1.80 or $1.20 each – see down the page for detail on glassware.

port and sherry glasses $1.20 each – perfect for toasting the newly weds. See down page for details.

decanters $4 each – 1 x amber (pictured below), 1 x round decanter, 5 x tall square decanters and 2 x short square decanters.

Glass and metal goblets $1.80 -see other listing under ‘goblets’


6966_192199670940167_1392695355_n   glass and crystal ware

wedding_hire_crystal_decanter   glassware_hire_adelaide



WINE GLASSES $1.80 each unless otherwise stated – 120 available

A majority of our collection of around 100 wine glasses are cut glass/crystal as seen in these photos below. Please bear in mind that vintage wine glasses are always smaller than the modern variety. They are designed to be filled up rather than filled to below half way like modern wine glasses. They all still hold the industry standard 150ml.

IMG_1175   IMG_1176



$1.20 each and between 11-14cm tall. These hold around 30-50ml and we have roughly 130 available

glass and crystal ware   glass and crystal ware glass and crystal ware

port and sherry glasses pictured below with 30ml each glass

glass and crystal ware   glass and crystal ware

CHAMPAGNE FLUTES $1.80 each – 95 available

As with our wine glasses, the majority of our flutes are cut glass and crystal in varying sizes.

IMG_1179   IMG_1178

IMG_1181   IMG_1182


WATER GLASSES $1.80 each – 100 available including 47 cut glass/crystal which are $1.80 each and 54 retro ‘kitchen’ glasses which are $1.20 each

IMG_3682   IMG_3681

IMG_3680   IMG_3679


IMG_3683   IMG_3677



















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