Sea grass runner

1.2m wide x 7.5m long $100 (see photo below for example of size)

Also available as a rectangular mat. Please see listing under ‘carpets’ for more details.

aisle runnersImage result for sea grass aisle runner

Carpet runners

1.  red fringed runners that come in two halves but make up  6.6m length in total $50

aisle runnersaisle runners

3. green runner (with pink and cream)around 7m long $50


4. black runner totals 11m in two widths.

2 x wide lengths of 8m total

1 x narrower length of 3m

Hire the 2 piece ‘wide’ 8m  for $55 OR the 3 piece 11m  (using both widths) for $65

We also have 3 carpets in a matching design. See separate listing.

aisle runners

5. pink fringed 3m long $35

aisle runners





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