Our vintage crates make great props or flip them over and they make a lovely coffee table for your picnic! $7-10 depending on size and style

Sizes vary from…


Small crates pictured above.

small tray 32 x 37 x 10 deep $7

small cheese crate (blue text on side) no longer available

small deep, rectangular crate $5

vintage_hire_adelaidecrate basket rug


plain medium  x 3  around 49cm long x 24cm wide x 17.5cm deep $10


Medium vintage crates (available in green or white) 39cm long x 29cm wide x 28cm deep $15


cane lounge hire rustic vintagebohemian_picnic

large vintage (pictured with cane suite and aqua mandala throw) around 53cm long x 33cm wide x 18 deep $20 (2 available in assorted shapes/styles)

large/deep crates $20 each (2 available) (not pictured)


large tea chest crate approx 60cm long x 25cm wide x 30cm deep $15 (1 available)

also pictured above – small hardware crates –  Approx 35cm long x 20cm wide x 20cm deep $8 (4 available in total – 2 with white paint and writing on ends and 2 without.)


Extra large available  – Vacuum Oil crate 53cm long x 26cm wide x 36cm deep  $25


Nescafe crate with dividers 25 x 40cm $20



Contact Us for more information on any of our vintage hire items or for styling advice.