If flowers are going to be a feature of your vintage inspired event, then we have a great range of vintage vases for hire!

See below for our full glass/crystal range.

CRYSTAL & CUT GLASS – when booking please mention size listed below.

IMG_2222  vases… crystal and glass

1. Size EXTRA SMALL, height 6.5 to 10cm, 12 available in this size $2



2. Size SMALL 10-12cm 4 available $3



4. Size BUD VASE 13-20cm 3 available $3



5. Size MEDIUM NARROW 17cm 1/1/1 $4


IMG_2227  vases… crystal and glass

6. Size MEDIUM TAPERED 14-16cm 7 available $4



7. Size MEDIUM CYLINDER 16-17cm 1/1 $4



8. Size LARGE TAPERED 15cm high and around 10cm opening 1/1 $5



9. Size LARGE NARROW  19cm  2 available $5



10. Size LARGE LOW TAPERED 12cm 1/1 $5


vases… crystal and glass

10a. Size LARGE LOW SEMI TAPERED 13cm high 11cm wide opening 1/1 $5



11. Size LARGE LOW CYLINDER 15cm 1/1 $5


vases… crystal and glass

12. Size XL LOW WIDE 18cm high 15cm wide opening $6



13. Size XL TAPERED 20cm 1/2 $6



14. Size XXL 23cm high 1/(right no longer available) $8



15. Size XXL WIDE  21cm high x 18cm wide at top  1 available $8


vases… crystal and glass

16. XXL tall 27cm high $8


vases… crystal and glass

17. round 13cm high $5



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